Highest QualityWooden Blinds

Snickarboden's tailor-made wooden blinds combine form, function, and craftsmanship that is hard to beat.

Enjoy the
light on
your terms

Enjoy the light on your terms

You start each day by folding up the blinds — first, a little.
Then gently let more light filter in between the wooden slats.
Every time you touch the smooth wooden surface, you feel what it’s about.
Care. You let in all the light, and the day can begin.

wooden blinds

If you have a vision, we will do our utmost to fulfill your wishes. With a tailor-made wooden blind, you getwhat you want. 

Motorized blinds
are comfortable

Let in the light at the touch of a button. We can equip your blinds with discreet motor-controlled technology and smart remote controls.

or exotic?

Choose between Nordic timber or sustainableexotic hardwoods. All types of wood are varnished and can also be oiled.

We are proud of our resellers

Snickarboden is proud supplier of Scandinavian Designer Blinds to some of the Nordic region’s largest multinational companies, the Finnish President’s summer residence, and the Nordic royal houses.

with a natural

Blinds with a natural look

The wood’s grain, color changes, and scents give a warm and cozy feeling.
Wood is also an excellent environmental choicebecause
it is a renewable resource.

Which wood is your favorite?​

Choose from birch, beech, ash, oak, mahogany, linden, teak, walnut, merbau, cherry, maple, oregon pine, and pine. All types of wood are varnished and can also be oiled.

A craft in the true sense of the word

We have been developing our work process for more than 40 years, and all our blinds undergo a thorough quality control in 15 steps.

Wood gives a warm feeling

Wood is a natural and obvious material that gives the room a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere. The wooden blinds from Scandinavian Designer Blinds are also a craft of the highest quality.