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TÄVLA OCH VINN – Träpersienner! Värde upp till 75000 kr! Vinnaren utses när SDB:s Facebooksida har nått upp till 2500 likes.

New retailer in UK | London

Februari 12, 2015

Wooden Blinds United Kingdom | London We wellcome Casa Vittoria as new retailer in the UK. Scandinavian Designer Blinds will supply Casa Vittoria with exclusive wooden blinds and unique ackrylic blinds in the UK. Contact Casa Vittoria: http://www.scandinaviandesignerblinds.com/aterforsaljare-av-persienner-i-tra-och-akrylglas/uk/

Expansion in the UK

February 6, 2015

Scandinavian Designer Blinds welcome our first retailer in the UK! Oceanair Marine Ltd. has a 150 person team that designs and installs blinds in most objects when it comes to large ships, commercial buildings and upscale homes. Read more at: http://www.oceanair.co.uk/. Contact information can be found at: http://www.scandinaviandesignerblinds.com/se/aterforsaljare-av-persienner-i-tra-och-akrylglas/uk/

Are your business interested in becoming a reseller of our exclusive made to measure wooden blinds?

Please contact us on

or on phone: +358 18 31480.

Expansion in the nordic market

January 7, 2015

Scandinavian Designer Blinds are expanding its business in the nordic market. The first step is to increase the number of resellers in Sweden, beginning with the area around Stockholm. After one month of intense work we now have 9 new resellers in Stockholm. We are aiming towards 20 resellers in Stockholm and another 20 resellers in citys all around Sweden, all by the end of may 2015.

Are your business interested in becoming a reseller of our exclusive made to measure wooden blinds?

Please contact us on

or on phone: +358 18 31480.

Like Scandinavian Designer Blinds on Facebook

December 9, 2014

On our Facebook page, you can take part of our daily work in our factory at Åland. We will try to update the page with pictures from the production as often as we can.

Walnut replaced by…

November 5, 2014

The wood walnut is eliminated, with immediate effect, from the range and instead we offer cherry wood with walnut-like staining at the same price as a walnut. For questions, please phone +358 18 31480 and email snickarboden@aland.net.

John Boman starting in sales at Swedish market

November 3, 2014

John will be working to build a dealer network in Sweden, where the focus will initially be on the Stockholm area.

Are you interested in becoming a reseller of our high-quality custom blinds and our blinds in colored acrylic glass, do not hesitate to contact John on +358 400 915575.


November 15, 2013

The leaves have fallen and the migratory birds have left us. Dwell in the autumn’s glowing colors as an inspirational source for your SDB wooden Venetian blinds! A cheerful and trendy orange SDB blind creates an atmosphere of energy and positive mood.

Let your imagination be reflected in a purple color of your SDB wooden Venetian blind, which lifts up the style of the interior – or why not a combination of the two?


August 30, 2013

SDB wooden Venetian blinds are available in natural earth tone colors such as retro white, caffe latte, graphite, sand, etc. We usually customize the colors for the SDB blinds made in basswood or birch, which show little structure on the slat surface so the light colors get a just presentation. The earth tone colors create a muted, cozy, autumnish atmosphere in your interior design.


January 7, 2013

We start the year with a new finish! Wooden slats for SDB Venetian blinds are now available with a brushed finish, which creates a rustic feel in your environment. For the ultimate personalised solution brushed surfaces can also be colored.


November 1, 2012

It is now possible to order SDB wooden Venetian blinds with fire protection varnish for environments with such safety requirements.


September 7, 2012

We introduce matt lacquered SDB wooden Venetian blinds, which are usually made in birch. For a more organic slat structure can ash be an option.


April 4, 2012

SDB wooden Venetian blinds are now available with own logo. Provide your company with a brand name visiblity with this personal design.


January 3, 2012

To create a truly luxurious experience in the right environment we make now SDB wooden Venetian in addition to silver color also in gold or copper hues.


January 31, 2011

Scandinavian Designer Blinds (SDB) has developed a Venetian blind which is manufactured in Finnish pine with ecologic responsibility. SDB wooden blinds give premium quality sun protection and are custom made regarding size, colour and detailing. These Venetian blinds can be used as a flexible element for interior decoration of homes, offices and public rooms.

As part of its continuous product development Snickarboden is proud to present new ecological wooden Venetian blinds. The whole manufacturing process is based on ecological thinking and generates only minimal emissions following a quality program.

The raw material is pine wood from local forests managed by responsible owners. These types of blinds are finished in linseed oil, also enhancing the wooden structure. The wood dryer and the rest of the Snickarboden factory are heated by pellets made of the wooden waste of the production.
Manufacturing and final assembly is a real craftsmanship that secures quality.

All in all a true nature product from the nearby forest to Your window.

In addition to the classic pine SDB blinds can be made of a variety of wood sorts of certified origin. The selection is recently revised and the production has been adjusted consequently.
A new cellulose-based top coating improves the resistance against moisture. The customer can combine any colour with each kind of the wood. SDB blinds give the option of choosing details in matching or contrasting colours. Blinds are made to measure up to a length of 3 meters. For added comfort there is the option of motorized blinds with elegant remote controls.

Exclusive Nordic SDB wooden blinds are in fact more than a sun protection. They also act as sound-proofing and prevent heat radiation in addition to being a flexible element for interior decoration or sectioning of rooms. Blinds can be used for homes, offices, shops, as backdrops for exposing products or entertainments or any other public interior as well as onboard ships, with complete flexibility. A quick touch of a button, room dividing blinds soar upwards. The blinds’ settings are easily adjusted to alter the light and  atmosphere of the room.

Scandinavian Designer Blinds are manufactured by Snickarboden in Finland since 1983 and marketed mainly in Europe. Among customers are the Nordic royal families and well known multi-national companies. Ericsson, H & M and Nokia have chosen SDB wooden blinds for their headquarters. SDB blinds are also popular among hotels, restaurants, schools, TV-companies and owners of private yachts.


February 7, 2010

The popularity of the 65 mm blind continues. The blind provides a great wooden feeling and nature like image to all interiors, private and official. The fancy acrylic color blinds also manage to capture the audience’s imagination.


January 28, 2009
Welcome to experience our new trends of acrylic- and wooden blinds at Stockholm Furniture Fair. The exposed acrylic blinds are designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. Experts from Somfy will join us to present our popular motorized blinds. You will find us at stand C 11:41.


January 28, 2009
Our new collection of 6 exciting colours lacquered on birch is introduced. Trend-09 will create a new feeling for your home and office. You will find these new colours in the Standard range.


January 28, 2009
We introduce our new slats of 65 mm width to accompany the standard slat sizes of 50, 35, 25 mm. New size – new expression.


September 14, 2007
120 m2 blinds designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune are supplied for Helsinki Design Week 07. Each unit is motorised using technology and remote controls by Somfy.


September 14, 2007
Ålandic designer Minna Rundberg uses deep blue acrylic blinds with details in grey metal when designing new offices for Posten Åland.

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